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  • Queer Representation the Superhero, not the Sidekick – Kol Isha Blog

    In 2018 the political climate is as intense as ever. It seems more and more issues regarding minority groups, pop up on different news outlets everyday. We as Americans are beginning to realize that representation matters. From movies like Black Panther, staring an all black cast, or Love, Simon, that follows the coming out story of a young gay man, we are in a new era of representation. That being said, there aren’t enough queer stories being told by queer people in mainstream media.

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  • Body Positivity – Kol Isha Project

    This year, as fellows in Kol Isha, NFTY NAR’s Teen Feminist Fellowship, we were given the opportunity to choose a topic that we feel passionate about and create a project about it. Our group chose the topic of Body Positivity because we feel that it is not only about accepting your physical appearance, but also accepting your personality, and that affects how you treat others. Although we live in a modern society, beauty standards are not diverse enough yet.

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