Blog  Why haven’t I been asked for NFTY dues?

Why haven’t I been asked for NFTY dues?

Yes – you’ve heard right, NFTY is in the process of removing the requirement of NFTY dues in order to open our doors more fully and allow more teens to participate in the incredible experiences that we provide. To help ensure that we have the  means necessary to continue our great work, we’ll be transitioning over the next year from a dues/members system to a contribution-based system.

These contributions will help to support many aspects of the operation of our regions.  Some will support the administrative components of the NFTY region including back-end operational support and expenses related to the regional board.  Some of the contributions will create scholarships for teens so that anyone can get the opportunity to experience the magic of NFTY.

So what does this mean for the money that you may have already allocated for dues (typically, $25/teen)? Here are two recommendations for how your congregation could utilize that money:

1.) Make a contribution to NFTY-NAR. Your charitable contribution will help us to continue to build this region so that more Jewish teens can experience the power of NFTY. You can donate directly on the NFTY website, or mail us a check directly to:

ATTN: NFTY NY Area Region
One West Fourth Street
New York, NY 10012

2.) Provide incentive scholarships for your teens. Use the money that would have gone towards NFTY Dues, and provide scholarships to encourage your teens to attend NFTY-NAR’s Spring Kallah. Remember, Spring Kallah is the first weekend-long event that we invite 8th graders to participate in!  To provide scholarships for upcoming NFTY events, head over to the Congregational Scholarship Form and submit the names of the teens and the scholarship amount.

As we make the move to a voluntary contribution system, our hope is that we can continue to grow NFTY to better support our teens and congregations. We look forward to your continued partnership and support. Thanks for making NFTY a priority in your congregation.