Blog  Kol Isha: Gender Expression & Inclusion Exploration Survey

Kol Isha: Gender Expression & Inclusion Exploration Survey

For the past year, we have been a part of NFTY-NAR’s Feminism Fellowship; a program created through the Reform Judaism Movement. The fellowship is called Kol Isha, translating from hebrew to mean “the voice of a woman.” Throughout this fellowship, we have been exploring different topics of feminism and aspects of Judaism by teaching and learning from each other. As a culminating project, we, Cydney and Ruby, created this survey to gather more information about different people and their opinions and practices on how they express their gender. In this survey, we accounted for many factors, such as age, religion, gender identification, and more. The goal in creating this survey was to see different perspectives on gender expression and gender roles, and to start a larger conversation about what we deem as “masculine” or “feminine”, and how that affects us as individuals.

We would love for you to take the time to fill out our survey! While we are planning on using the data we gather for educational purposes, we will never use your name! All of these questions remain anonymous, and if you feel uncomfortable answering a question, feel free to skip it! At the end of each section, there will be an option to elaborate on any of your answers!

In June, we’ll share our learnings out. We would appreciate if you share this survey far and wide so that we can get the most diverse results possible.