Blog  Announcing NFTY New York Area Region Candidates for 2019-2020/5779-5780 Regional Board!

Announcing NFTY New York Area Region Candidates for 2019-2020/5779-5780 Regional Board!

Dear NARites,We are thrilled to announce this year’s candidates for NFTY-NAR’s Regional Board! This year we have 14 excellent candidates running for positions on our Executive Board and Board of Directors. Please take some time to get to know our candidates by reading their bios. Check in again before Spring Kallah this weekend to watch their video speeches!

Meet your 2019-2020 candidates:



Grace Aronofsky 

Hey NFTYites! I’m Gracie and I’m running for President of NAR with a drop-down of Programming VP. I’m a current Junior at Grace High School in Manhattan. Some of my favorite subjects in school include Math, Science, and Literature. When I’m not involved with NFTY you can find me playing Volleyball, Basketball, or Softball. My hobbies include both studio art and photography, camping, biking, hiking, cooking, gardening, volunteer work, and spending time with my family and friends, and of course all of my NFTYites!




Jacob Brooks

Hi! I’m Jake Brooks and I am running to be your next regional President! I am currently a Junior at Beacon and I live in Brooklyn. I’m a hurdler on my school’s track team, a dancer, and an actor! I’ve been on my TYG Board (BESTY) since I was a freshman and this past year I served as President. I’ve been a participant in NAR for nearly three years and I am really excited for next year!





Nicole Murace

Nicole Murace is a junior at Stamford High School and a proud Center Stage Dance Studio dancer. She is also currently serving as the Westchester/Fairfield director of subregional events on this years regional board. Nicole can usually be found watching sitcoms on Netflix, singing along to her many playlists, or scrolling through urban outfitters online. She is very excited to be running for your next NFTY NAR President!





Programming Vice President 


Noah Goldstein


Noah is currently a Junior at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, New York. During this summer he can be found in the Machon program at Eisner Camp, where’s he has spent the last nine summers with his incredible camp friends. Noah most recently served as PVP of his TYG Board ToaSTY, and can often be found listening to the Grateful Dead, or watching football.






Religious and Cultural Vice President


ruby martinez

Hi! My name is Ruby Martinez! I live in Manhattan, but am looking forward to one day moving somewhere with lots of mountains and trees and lakes and deserts. I LOVE nature and planet earth. I spend my summers at Eden Village Camp, the happiest place on earth, and during the year I’m involved in as many Jewish organizations as possible! You can always find me playing guitar, writing love notes, wishing on 11:11, or looking at the sky.



Social Action Vice President 

Violet Kopp


Violet Kopp is a junior from Brooklyn running for SAVP. When she’s not at NFTY events or school, you can find her doing touristy NYC activities, volunteering on political campaigns, writing and watercoloring, or making signs for the next protest. She loves NFTY for the empowered, loving network of passionate Jewish teens, for incredible kallot and AAD where she’s grown so much and met some of her best friends in the world.



Membership Vice President 

Noah Katz

My name is Noah Katz, I intend to run for Nfty NAR mvp on a platform that emphasizes the importance of communication and attitude. I believe first and foremost that NAR should be a sanctum where all people can have fun and be respected. I think using the incredible power of effective outreach as well as stellar communication, I hope that I can play a part in opening our beautiful community up to those who may be hesitant to “try it out”, so that everyone can experience the NAR happiness that we appreciate so much.







Communications Vice President 

Abby Davis

I’m Abby Davis and I’m a junior at Schechter Westchester. I enjoy playing soccer and hanging out with my friends. I have served on my TYG Board as the NFTY NAR representative and have been a part of the Communications Committee. I am also a participant in the Kol Koleinu feminist fellowship. I love watching Food Network and HGTV or raving about The Office. I can’t wait to serve as your CVP this upcoming year!







Maddie Graf

I am a rising senior at AITE High School in Stamford, where I am the photographer for the school newspaper and part of the art club. I am also the president of my TYG, SoSTY, something I love. I’m also very proud of my Judaism, and apparently talk about it too much to my friends. When I’m not at temple helping the students, I am usually drawing, photographing, or fencing.









Long Island Director of Sub-Regional Events


Sophie Dalton

Sophie Dalton was born and raised, on Long Island. She currently attends Walt Whitman High School. Sophie loves to read, write poetry, cross stitch, hang out with her friends, and do social justice work. She went to URJ Crane Lake Camp for 7 years and has been involved in NFTY since the start of her freshman year. She’s apart of Kol Kolenieu, a feminist teen fellowship, and is on the NFTY NAR Social Action Committee.






New York City Director of Sub-Regional Events


Zoe Mardiks 

Hi, my name is Zoe Mardiks and I am running for NFTY NAR New York City Representative. I have been served on the board of my TYG, BHGSY for the past three years. I am a sophomore at The Institute for Collaborative Education in Manhattan. I was born and raised in  Brooklyn, NY. Other than NFTY you will find me writing a lot or teaching Hebrew school to my beloved fourth graders and my Synagogue and planning fun and interesting events for my fellow Jewish teens in my youth group.








Lev Mosbacher 

Hi! I’m Lev. I’m a 16-year-old sophomore from New York City. I love music and food, as
well as hanging out with my friends, preferably somewhere in a park. Honestly, one of my
favorite things about every NAR event is the bus rides; they combine my three favorite things: music, food, and amazing friends (admittedly not in a park, though). I love y’all, and I can’t
wait to see everyone at Spring!







Westchester/Fairfield Director of Sub-Regional Events 

Grace Davis


Hi my name is Grace Davis and I am in 11th grade. I attend Solomon Schechter School of Westchester and am on the school’s tennis team. I belong to Temple Israel of New Rochelle and this year I serve as our RCVP. Outside of school, I love reading, watching TV and hanging out with my friends and family.







Sacha Sergent

My name is Sacha Sergent. I go to Larchmont Temple in Westchester, NY, and am Religious and Cultural Vice President of our TYG, LarFTY. I was born in Paris but moved at the age of 2. I’m a junior at the French American School in Mamaroneck, pursuing an International Baccalaureate Diploma. Outside of school, I am a songleading madrichim on Sunday mornings, run cross country and track, and practice kung fu.